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At Cypress Design Co., we offer a wide range of superior-quality products to create your dream kitchen and bathroom. Explore our diverse product categories below to find everything you need for a space that’s as visually stunning as it is relaxing and welcoming.

For professional kitchen and bath design, browse our custom kitchen cabinetry services today!

A bright white and blue modern kitchen interior lit by a skylight.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom kitchen cabinetry is vital for a culinary space that’s sensibly designed. While aesthetics are important, it’s just as important to have what you need close at hand so that cooking is a delightful experience.

Similarly, your bathroom cabinets contribute to an efficient daily routine, while ensuring that your guests feel accommodated and refreshed. For these reasons, we’re proud to partner with many of the industry’s top cabinet vendors.

We work with these brands because they offer a variety of styles, finishes, and custom options to suit all of your needs. Our cabinet vendors include:

With a commitment to delivering tailored cabinetry solutions for various spaces within the home, Candlelight Cabinetry epitomizes versatility and elegance. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in Lockport, NY, showcasing a diverse selection of premium woods, finishes, and door styles.

Renowned for its impeccable fabrication and attention to detail, Cabico Cabinetry consistently delivers unparalleled quality and sophistication. Utilizing noble materials, captivating finishes, and luxurious textures, Cabico embodies elegance in every aspect of its creations. 

Shiloh Cabinetry maintains full control over its production process, which ensures exceptional quality and timely delivery. This commitment to self-sufficiency, coupled with a focus on responsive management and a dedicated workforce, sets Shiloh Cabinetry apart as a premier choice for home remodeling projects.

Nestled in Dudley, Missouri, Aspect Cabinetry reflects a heritage of commitment to quality and craftsmanship. With a focus on self-sufficiency and investment in cutting-edge equipment, Aspect Cabinetry ensures top-notch products made from premium materials.

Offering a diverse range from classic to contemporary designs, Eclipse Cabinetry’s full-access cabinets serve as a canvas to bring any vision to fruition. With an extensive selection of finishes spanning the spectrum, Eclipse Cabinetry provides endless opportunities to tailor your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space to your unique taste.

Waypoint’s commitment to sustainability in manufacturing ensures longevity and durability in their cabinets, providing peace of mind for homeowners. With a focus on crafting cabinets capable of withstanding the test of time, Waypoint Living Spaces offers solutions that are stylish and built to last.

With a wide range of styles and colors to choose from, JSI Cabinetry offers versatility that perfectly complements any home décor. Unlike high-end custom cabinetry, JSI Cabinetry provides premium wood construction and attractive finishes at a fraction of the cost, enabling you to maximize your budget. 

Crafted from durable stainless steel, Danver’s cabinetry offers unmatched durability and environmental sustainability. Their commitment to design flexibility empowers us to create stunning outdoor kitchens in any setting. This makes them the ultimate choice for outdoor remodeling projects.

With a comprehensive range of products tailored to every area of the home, Organized Living combines innovation and technology to provide unmatched storage solutions. Their dedication to meeting homeowner needs has resulted in the strongest and most trusted storage solutions on the market. 

To learn more about how our partner products breathe new life into your favorite spaces, contact us today!

Custom Countertops

Countertops should complement your cabinetry in both form and function. Custom kitchen countertops provide the space to cook for fun, friends, or an intimate evening.

Bathroom countertops must provide a hygienic space to care for one’s needs. Do you need countertops for daily use by your family or for an occasional guest?

Choose from a wide variety of materials and designs for your countertops, including (but not limited to) granite, quartz, and marble. Our bathroom & kitchen designers will collaborate with you to find the perfect surface to complement your cabinetry and overall design.

A bright kitchen interior with a sleek, modern look.


From backsplashes to flooring, tile is a popular choice for its aesthetic appeal and simple maintenance. Our tile selection includes a vast array of colors, shapes, and materials so that you can create a unique and stylish look in your kitchen or bathroom.

kitchen and bath design


Both bathroom and kitchen flooring must be comfortable, visually appealing, and easy to clean. However, as with cabinets & countertops, your flooring needs will differ depending on the space. 

Fortunately, we offer a variety of flooring options to suit your design preferences and lifestyle needs, including hardwood, luxury vinyl, tile, and more. Consult with our designers to find out more about selecting the perfect flooring for your space.

A beautiful marble tile floor complements a modern style home.

Plumbing Fixtures

Select from a range of superior-quality plumbing fixtures to complete the functionality and aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom. We’ll work with you to find the best sinks, faucets, showers, and bathtubs for a space that reinvigorates you with every visit.

A modern kitchen with bold colors, featuring a green tile backsplash and a dark counter-cutout sink with black and gold accents.

Hardware & Accessories

Every artist knows that the details are important. Our extensive collection of hardware and accessories adds the perfect finishing touch to your cabinetry and overall room design. With the right knobs, pulls, handles, and accessories, you’ll enhance your kitchen and bathroom’s functionality, organization, and overall appeal.

Black and gold cabinet handles provide the perfect accent colors to a dark and modern kitchen design.

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